Sunday, April 7, 2013

A To-DewList for DewKist

Good Sunday morning to you all.

Yesterday, the temperatures here in Iowa made it to the 70s. Now I have to start thinking about what will be planted/added to DewKist this year. Summer 2013 marks the third year we've dwelled on the land.

Someone asked me the other day what Kevin and I feel is the most difficult task we've faced since we moved here, and I wasn't really certain... until today. It's the process of getting to know the land - how it will serve us, how we can best help it thrive, and in what ways we can most enjoy it. I'll speak for myself when I say that I really thought it would be an easy transition, but when thirty acres are set before a person, it's not always obvious what to do with them all. I wonder if this is how a painter feels with a big open canvas just waiting for something to be created.

So, I'd like to think out loud for a moment about what I would like to add. Perhaps making a list would help. Yes. That's what I'll do. As I sit here at my kitchen table, coffee in hand, let's come up with a list together. Be sure to grab your coffee too, and please add any ideas you have as well! I'm always open for suggestions.

DewKist To-DewList 

  • find a little shed and convert it to a potting shed and greenhouse
  • research how to make a barn quilt for the little pump house 
  • plant an apple orchard
  • raise a few sheep for some extra entertainment 
  • plant more raspberries (perhaps when the blueberries have been confirmed dead) 
  • acquire beef cattle

Wait...this is silly.

The whole time I'm typing up the list, all I can think about is the little garden shed. I mean, just look at the list. The shed is the first thing that popped in my mind! 

Over the years, I've collected everything I want to put into this little dream shed of mine. I've got old pallets for shelving, wood shutters, old railings, metal cabinets, sweet little tables and chairs, vintage aprons and towels and tablecloths. All these things, I have acquired in hopes of putting them in my little garden shed. 

Now, neither Kevin nor I are carpenters, so I imagine we will have to find someone who is looking for a little project to work on. But once something is built, I have a clear vision as to what I will do with it. I've got a small collection of tea towels (above) that are full of color. The enamel-topped table and chairs (below) that I picked up last year will make a quaint little place to rest and have a little lunch with someone special.

 What potting shed is complete without various planters and pots to hold beautiful flowers (below).

Friends, I think it's time I move on along and start making this

vision a reality. It's amazing what one can conclude when given a few minutes of time to write a blog.

Please add to the DewKist To-DewList. I would love your thoughts and suggestions on what we can do with our wide open spaces. Who knows...maybe you know of someone who would be willing to grab a hammer and some old barn boards to make a little potting shed of your own.

Isn't it fun to dream?

Have a beautiful day, and remember to find the beauty that each day holds.



  1. Good morning my friend, As I look out on a very rainy Washington day, I can clearly picture your new garden shed and will plan my next visit to your farm upon it's completion. We only have one acre to tend to here but I was over enthusiastic in plantings and landscaping over the twenty one years and now find it very hard to keep up. However, there is something sacred about tending a bit of earth, no matter the size. As for suggestions for future addition to your bit of earth, I am still picturing a lovely swing hanging from that tree out front. And bunnies, of course! XO I'm off to work on my own list.

  2. Ahh, yes. The swing. I must add that to my list! Thanks, Colleen!


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