Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to DewKist

This week is the first week of my retirement. 

(Before you congratulate me, you should know that my career lasted only one year.)

DewKist - where my soul resides.
I have a restless soul. The good thing about that is it causes me to try new things. I guess you could say I'm sort of an "experience addict," if there is such diagnosis. The bad thing about a restless soul is that the little voice in my head frequently whispers, "try this" and "Oh! Look at that! You should do that!" It's like a toddler standing in front of a heap of toys, and it never....ever....shuts....up.

So I tried working full time outside of the farm. 

But then the voice started in again, pulling me to stay home.

I've tried shutting it up. For one full year, I tried to quiet that voice and be "a normal adult." I figured if I hushed it enough, it would go bother someone else. That never worked for my children; I should have known the outcome.

Instead, the voice became louder.

While I was at my new day job, the little voice grew. It taunted me by reminding me of all the things I wasn't doing: 
  • I wasn't fixing the fence.
  • I wasn't working the horses.
  • I wasn't making dinner.
  • I wasn't writing.
  • I wasn't cleaning out the chicken coop.
  • I wasn't making pies.
  • I wasn't making dinner.
  • I wasn't creating.
  • I wasn't trimming the trees.
  • I wasn't mowing the yard.
Basically, I wasn't being me when I was working outside the home, but I had to try that side of the world...you know...because of the whole restless soul thing.

So, I resigned.

I'm now back on DewKist Farm, bringing in the horses twice a day, working with them all. I'm here to watch over the horses who are boarded here as well and to talk with the boarders. I'm here to be of assistance to friends and neighbors who need my help. I'm here to clean the chicken coop, to tidy up the farm, to create, to love, and to be me, unapologetically.

As my husband finished a great chicken dinner and a piece of homemade apple pie, he walked towards his recliner and said these words, "Ahhh, my life just got better now that you're home."

Just keep telling me that, Hubby. Keep telling me.


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