Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cornbread Cupcakes & Scarlet Chicken Droppings

So...I like to challenge myself. Sometimes when I'm home and I'm feeling super unmotivated to do the same things I've been doing for nearly twenty years (load the dishwasher, wash the laundry, plan dinner), I set the timer for fifteen-minute intervals and see how much work I can get done before the timer buzzes. You'd be surprised with what I can accomplish. One time, I fed the chickens, cleaned up all the twigs and branches in the yard, AND started a load of laundry...with one minute to spare! Yes, it was a good day.

This week's challenge is all about the cupcake. My husband reminded me the other day of how much he looooves cupcakes. Then he made the mistake of mentioning that a coworker of his (who used to work in a bakery, mind you) brought in the most delicious cupcakes. Grrrrrr....

Challenge on!

I can make cupcakes. However, the only cupcakes I've made have come from a box. I wanted to be better than that.  I wanted to prove to myself (okay...and to my husband) that I could make a cupcake as yummy as ol' bakery girl. 

Day #1 of the cupcake challenge led me to find an online recipe for "the best vanilla cupcakes ever." Since when is a cupcake supposed to taste like cornbread? I mean, had I made chili for dinner that night, I may have welcomed the cornbread side dish, but that wasn't the case. So, as any good farmer girl would do, I fed them all to the chickens.

Day #2 of the challenge presented itself with beautiful red velvet cupcakes. I thought it was a nice touch for Valentine's Day. If you like buttercream frosting on Wonder bread, then you would like these. Luckily, the chickens were still hungry. 

Day #3 (I couldn't help but notice all the bright red chicken droppings in the coop today. Red velvet manure, anyone?) Third time's a charm in this crazy challenge with myself. I settled on the chocolate cupcake recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa canister and some homemade cream cheese frosting.  They're addicting! Make them at your own risk. 

And here they are....

I'm still in search of the PERFECT vanilla cupcake recipe. Got one to share?


  1. Sharon, I'm so excited to follow your journey on the farm. :-) I'll just live vicariously through you! Lol! I'm wondering though...does feeding the chickens all these cupcakes add calories to the chickens when you eat THEM? Hehehe...

    I don't have a good homemade cupcake recipe, but I have to admit some of the truly tastiest recipes I've tried online come from Pioneer Woman. They are unbelievably unhealthy in that she uses a LOT of butter and oil, but oh...the deliciousness of her recipes! I have not been disappointed yet. I'll bet you can find a good cupcake recipe there. If not, try Our Best Those Mormon girls know how to cook! Ha!

    1. Oooo....Thanks, Rosann. I'll check both Pioneer Woman and Best Bites. I'll also be sure to hit the gym more frequently as I do cupcake testing. :)

  2. Hey Hun its sam! I love this idea you had. I do not have a vanilla cupcake recipe. However I do have my grandmother's amazing pumpkin bar recipe. Mmmmmmmmmmm..... I hope we get to share more of your experiences together in he future. ;-D

    1. Hi, Sam! I expect a copy of that recipe this fall! Also, we need to get together!

    2. Agreed! We have missed quite a bit of each other this winter. Also ill bring up my binder with recipes I have aquired from the family. <3- SAM


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