Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Discovery!

I don't know what possessed me to sit and watch the chickens lay their eggs this morning, but I did. Here's what I learned...

It takes a loooong time for a chicken to lay an egg. I'm really not sure why they mosey into their nest almost thirty minutes before the egg arrives. This poor hen doesn't stand a chance to relax when her friends keep bugging her. They must all want to use the same nest. It kind of reminds me of when my kids were toddlers and they'd follow me into the bathroom. Never a moment of peace!

Excuse me, could I PLEASE have some privacy?

Egg laying is a contagious sport. Apparently, the urge to nest is quickly learned by other animals such as Junior, the cat. Should he produce an egg, I'll be sure to post pictures.

Junior the Cat takes the coop rules seriously.

God literally gives signs to people who need them. My youngest son and his friend went exploring on the farm property woods today and found this old metal bin full of fallen leaves and produce tags. I was wondering what to plant this spring. It will be so fun to use these in this year's garden to mark the rows of vegetables! Do you think God wants me to plant ALL of these things?

A sign from God as to what I should plant in my garden this year.

There's a sweet little antique store in town that's full of booths from various vendors. I found this chicken-shaped egg basket to collect the daily eggs. Since the girls JUST started laying, I'm finding six eggs per day. That means there are still eight chickens who aren't pitching in yet.

An appropriately-shaped egg basket.


  1. I'm getting nothing done today because I'm sitting here laughing and wiping away happy tears at your words!

  2. Ahhhh....good....then the title of the blog is appropriate. Glad you enjoyed it! Now you can visit the farm anytime with just a click!

  3. I love this post, my chickens have stopped laying. I'm going to show them the axe! I do think, really they are just in old i'll let them be...your newest follower Michelle x

    1. I'm new on the chicken scene, but I think chickens only lay for three years. Three of mine got the axe (knife, actually) this winter, as there were too many in the coop. Maybe it's time for you to get some new ones? Glad to see you here!

  4. I am new to Dewkist and to the chicken scene! I am desperately trying to get the hubby to build a coop. I've been nice, pleaded and now it's down to threats! Lol It looks like we will start our coop this weekend. I am so excited! I should have threatened him from the start!


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