Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Letter of Apology to my Horses

Dear Jasper, Aspen, Sugar, and Letty,

I would like to express my sincere apology for what happened yesterday. Now, I know that in the past I have called all of you fat, especially the mares. And Aspen, I've made some unkind remarks about the size of your hind end. I'm certain you aren't laughing when I refer to you by only the first syllable of your name. And I know that you didn't appreciate it when I talked to that lady about your eating habits, especially when she suggested I leave the gate to the hay feeder open for twelve hours and shut for the other twelve hours. I really do have your health and happiness in mind. That's precisely why I made a point to open the feeder gate on Sunday morning.

What I didn't count on is Mr. Larson closing it back up late Sunday evening. As I went about my Monday routine (housework, life coaching, hair appointment, etc.), I assumed the gate was still open. I mean, honestly, when has my hubby EVER remembered to do ANYTHING I say anyway, right? I guess this was the one time he listened, and there you all sat for a loooong twenty-four hours with no food.

When I went out to feed the chickens earlier in the day, I thought the reason you were whinnying at me was just that you were happy to see me. I thought maybe all the extra work I had been doing with you was deepening the bonds we shared. I smiled at you all and pet your noses, oblivious to the fact that you were starving. My bad.

So, I am truly sorry for not noticing what was going on. I have discussed this matter with Mr. Larson, asking him to inform me of any more out-of-character moves he makes regarding your care. He sends his apologies as well.

There will be no compensation for this unfortunate event. No, I will not double your amount of hay today. Nor will I add any grain to your buckets. Just consider this a jump start on your weight management. You'll thank me later.

I ask that you don't find a way to punish me for this misunderstanding. There will be no foul attitudes, bucking a rider off, or nipping my shoulder as I walk past you. Any such behaviors will only lead to negativity on the farm, and negativity is PROHIBITED!

I look forward to more moments together. Most of all, I look forward to the svelte physiques of you all.


From left to right - Jasper, Aspen, Letty, Sugar.
Notice how Aspen is showing you his best side. 

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