Sunday, April 15, 2012

How Many Women Does it Take...

By the time Friday hit, I was asking myself what project I was going to work on this weekend. Planting the strawberries was out of the question. It was too windy to have my face two feet from the dirt. Aside from the wind, the temperature was quite nice. By Saturday morning, I knew what the plan was. It was time to stop talking about a corral and actually get one.

I had already done research on what type of corral was best for my equine needs. The corral was to be 60' in diameter to insure the natural arc of the horse's back while he was working. I also wanted the corral to be easy to move should I change my mind as to where it ought to be. Having calculated that it would take fifteen 12' panels and one pass-through gate to make a 60' pen, I texted my BGFF (Best Girl Friend Forever) and made plans to head to the local farm supply store.

Two trips later (after loading and unloading a snowmobile trailer full of steel panels), my friend and I stared at the job of the day. Just so you know, I enticed her to help by promising her a glass or two of "Cupcake" malbec wine. She didn't argue.

So there we were, sipping wine, swatting gnats, and erecting a corral. Thanks to the advice from her husband that we would be doing ourselves a favor if we placed a stake in the center of our site and tied a 30' string to it to make our circle template, the rest of the project went well. (Even if her hubby did whisk her away for dinner, leaving me to finish the job with my own hubby.)

And here it is....

It's the most level spot I could find, and I like that it's close to the indoor arena. It's also close to the pump house, where the horses get their baths. You can see the pump house on the left of the picture below. It houses the irrigation system from when the place was a strawberry farm.

It's just amazing what two talented gals can do on a single Saturday. I'm hoping she'll ask me to help her with her corral when she's ready to get one. I'm also hoping for wine!


  1. I grew in a farm like environment and I really hope to return to it one day!

    1. Jessica, I'm sorry for not seeing your post earlier. Yes, farm life is something that stays in your heart forever. Still, there a small ways to keep the farm girl alive in you wherever you live!


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