Friday, April 19, 2013

A Weekend on DewKist Farm

Our oldest son graduates from high school in just a few weeks, making family moments that much more special.

So, when last weekend started out with a mid-morning family breakfast, I knew good things were to come.

Fresh fruit (and yummy fruit dip) on a warm spring day...makes a girl wish her garden was ready! 

Of course, bacon makes everything better!

The chickens begged me for a wind chime on the front porch of their coop, so I caved. 

The boys enjoyed tearing up their 4-wheeler track....

...and taking time to rest.

It was while I was hanging with my boys that I had an idea! Why not start making a fairy garden? Thanks to the hundreds of ideas on Pinterest, I felt inspired to start my own. Now, don't expect much. I have no intention of making this anything extravagant, but I do plan on having some fun walking through the woods to find little treasures that a garden fairy would find suitable for her home. So far, I've made a pebble path that leads to where her front door will be. 

While I was scouting around for fairy findings, I noticed Toby, our younger collie, had found his own little place under some white pines. It looks like everyone enjoyed the day!

Loving the country, from our place to yours.


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