Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Beautiful Forest

Mitch is twelve, and, in honor of Earth Day, he wrote this lovely thought about the forest. Enjoy.

I could smell the fresh air and taste the sun that was gleaming so beautifully through the trees.

When walking around, I can hear the underbrush crunching like cereal beneath my feet.

I can see the birds flying, the monkeys swinging from vine to vine.

Oh, how beautiful the forest is. 

I look around me and see the world in its best dress.

I see the streams of crystal clear water and the creatures that lie within it.

I think to myself that God is a painter. He paints every day of our lives, and sometimes we smear the paint and mess up.

When I go back to reality, I see that the forest is not just nature; it is God's home - the jagged bark and moss on the trees, and the weightless water, and all the creatures.

The world is not just a place to live. It is God's home, so we need to treat it with respect.

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