Friday, May 2, 2014

Scarlett's Vet Check: Good News for Future Grandchildren

There's this painting I have in my head. It's of a farm scene with lots of meadows outlined with trees and a little creek, or as some would say, "crick".  But having spent the first thirteen years of my life in a suburb of Chicago, I still say a "crick" is something you get in your neck when you're over forty and you are doing something easy, such as sleeping or taking a shower or applying mascara. Anyway, there is a creek in my painting. 

There are also horses, chickens, dogs, and a mild scattering of cats. If this painting sounds familiar to you, you probably guessed that I'm describing DewKist. You're right. Most of you know that as soon as I get an idea in my head, I have to turn it into a reality.

For about a year, I saw that there should be a mini horse here on the farm. I'm proud to report that I actually took my time with this; patience is not usually my best attribute, but I was waiting for a feeling, and no other mini horses gave me the feeling I wanted.

Until little Miss Scarlett came my way.

Anyway, you all know how she was rescued by another family who nursed her back to health...then I came she's materialized from the painting in my head to a real live little horse. 

And here's the real reason for my post this morning: Scarlett had her first vet check. With my fingers crossed, I hoped that Scarlett was indeed as young as the family had estimated. The vet, who isn't a fan of mini horses due to their bad behavior, looked at little Scarlett hesitantly. 

"Be careful," I said, "you'll fall in love with her by the time you're done with her."

It didn't take long. Spring shots were given with little upset, and while the vet was holding Scarlett's tongue out of the way so her teeth could be seen, she (the vet, not Scarlett) started to talk baby talk to my little pride and joy. I knew she'd fall in love!

I waited for an age estimate, and the verdict came quickly. Scarlett still had baby teeth! She's most likely only five years old. 

How long do mini horses live, you ask? They live longer than their full-sized friends, sometimes up to  thirty-five years! This means my grandchildren can enjoy Scarlett too. You have no idea how happy it makes me to think about all the future memories to be made with her. Or maybe you do. In any case, there is no need for my own children to rush in giving me grandchildren. Scarlett will be around for a very long time.  

Hmmm....what's next in the painting? What would you like to see?


  1. Goats...and bunnies of course! Oh and I see a rose arbor, and pumpkins in the fields in the fall...Never mind, it's your painting! Happy farming my dear friend!

  2. Sharon - little Miss Scarlett looks great!! We are so happy to hear that she has captured your heart as much as she had captured ours. We miss her dearly but we know that you were the right person that we had been praying for to give her a special forever home that she deserved!! Blessings! Neal, Marcy, Katie, and Abby :)


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